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How Your Biotech Can Promote Awareness Events on Social Media with Authenticity and Impact

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The average person globally spends roughly 145 minutes a day on social media – are you making those minutes count for your biotech? 

Did you know?  

  • 94% of journalists use social media in their work 
  • 80% of institutional investors use social media as part of their work with approximately 30% stating information from social media had a direct impact on their investment recommendation or decision. 
  • 60% of prospective employees research a potential employer on LinkedIn before applying. 

No matter who your target audience is, it’s a good bet that they use at least one form of social media and could be interacting with your company’s channels. It’s critical to learn how to use social media to connect with and inspire your audiences.  

Leveraging Awareness Event Campaigns 

Social media offers the opportunity to demonstrate your biotech’s values and support of organizations or communities. Many companies choose to deploy social media campaigns built around particular awareness days or months that resonate with their team or their target audiences.  

With hundreds of awareness days and months each year, it can be difficult to determine which should be prioritized and promoted through your social channels. There’s a fine line between using your platforms to stand behind causes in an authentic way and coming across as unfocused or disingenuous.  

When mapping out your yearly social calendar, take the following considerations into account to evaluate whether an awareness day or month is appropriate for your biotech to promote on social media.   

Alignment with Your Corporate Values 

Given that such a significant percentage of prospective hires, investors and journalists look to social media as a representation of your biotech, it’s essential to ensure that your values are captured on your channels. 

Awareness events offer a strong opportunity to showcase your corporate values. If fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive working environment is a critical component of your culture, then promoting holidays that support DEI may be a natural fit.  

Prospective hires often look to social media accounts to evaluate whether a company’s values mirror their own, so emphasizing your biotech’s commitment to DEI efforts may encourage a more diverse pool of applicants to explore your open roles. Potential investors may also be more motivated to back your company if they align with your corporate beliefs and practices.  

To cultivate an authentic social media presence, let your company’s shared values serve as the driving force behind your decision to promote certain awareness days or months.  

Therapeutic Areas Your Biotech is Targeting  

Another key factor which should inform your biotech’s strategy for selecting relevant awareness events to promote on social is which indications your pipeline is targeting. Are you an immuno-oncology company targeting melanoma? Skin Cancer Awareness Month and Sun Awareness Week should be on your list.  

Are you an early-stage company that hasn’t yet disclosed the particular indications you plan to pursue? Promoting Rare Disease Day on social media would enable your biotech to signal your commitment to helping underserved patient populations without revealing the specifics of your pipeline.  

Given that there can be long stretches of time between clinical milestones, participating in awareness campaigns is a consistent way to emphasize your biotech’s continued support of the patients that you aim to serve while your treatments are in development.  

Internal Initiatives Driving Impact 

Another important question to consider is whether promoting an awareness day or month on social media is adding value to a particular movement or supporting communities in an impactful way. At times, putting out a social post without taking concrete action to support the cause can muddy the dialogue and hinder true progress.  

Before inserting an awareness event into your social calendar, consider whether your biotech has internal initiatives in place that are actively uplifting the community or supporting the cause. For example, instead of simply promoting Black History Month on social, consider supporting Black-owned businesses for a team event or partnering with or donating to organizations that serve the Black community.  

Awareness days and months are designed to inspire action, so before running a social media campaign, consider what concrete steps your biotech can take to advance the cause you wish to support beyond uploading a post to LinkedIn or X.  

The Bottom Line: Authenticity Is Key 

As your company maps out its social calendar with holidays and awareness events, be sure to do what feels most authentic to your team based on your corporate values, the patient populations you aim to serve and any internal initiatives shaping your culture. 

Looking for counsel on how best to build out a social media presence that represents your biotech’s mission, vision and values? MacDougall is here to support you. Reach out to connect with our team.