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Strategies for Biotechs to Capitalize on Downtime Between Announcements

The MacDougall team brings decades of experience helping leading life sciences companies elevate their communication and connection with key audiences. Your success depends on visibility and credibility with your core audiences, partner with MacDougall to amplify your message and its impact.

Whether your biotech company is emerging from stealth or has a product on the market, you will undoubtedly face periods of downtime between news announcements at one point or another. A lull in news flow is a great opportunity to assess goals for your company and perhaps even increase your company’s visibility ahead of future value-creating announcements.

The next time you find yourself without a news announcement on the horizon, consider the following strategies to help achieve your big picture goals.

Raise awareness for your therapeutic by hosting a symposium

Need help influencing the industry on your therapeutic approach? Symposia are an effective way to boost company visibility and grow voice share in your space. Gather KOLs together for a half or full day event of panel discussions and Q&A sessions that will help position your company as a forward-thinking thought leader among scientific peers and attendees. The increased prevalence of virtual and hybrid meetings brings the added flexibility of choosing whether to host your event in person or online using a platform such as Zoom.

Attract the right audiences to your site by conducting an SEO audit with a corresponding content plan

Looking to increase traffic to your website from investors, partners or patients? An SEO audit is a great way to identify how well your website is optimized for search engines so that you can be sure you are reaching your target audiences. This will allow you to better understand which language on your site is currently performing the best, which keywords help you outrank the competition, and what content you should develop to bring in your audiences. Once you understand the keywords for both your company and your competitors, you can begin to develop custom content to ensure you are ranking appropriately in search results.

Refresh your communications materials

It can be tricky to juggle updates to your website, presentations or corporate messaging while also advancing your science and managing company news. Take advantage of the quiet periods in between announcements to review your materials and improve your company’s messaging. It is important to ensure your key stakeholders are being delivered the most up to date information on your mission, vision and upcoming milestones.

Drive attention to your executives' perspectives by expanding your thought leadership program

Raising the profile of your executive leadership team can be a valuable recruitment tool when leveraged correctly. Consider hosting a webinar series to help reach potential SAB members by demonstrating your team’s expertise in your specific space. Pitching commentary to reporters on industry topics and engaging with relevant conversations in the media are great ways to strengthen your position as a thought leader. You should always be exploring how to position your company and your team as leading experts in your disease area, particular mechanism of action, and the life sciences industry at large.

Not sure where to start? We’re here to help. Reach out to the MacDougall team here to learn more about how we can help you make the most of the time in between your company’s data readouts or corporate milestones.