MacDougall Musings

Summer 2020 Life Science Investor Relations

The MacDougall team brings decades of experience helping leading life sciences companies elevate their communication and connection with key audiences. Your success depends on visibility and credibility with your core audiences, partner with MacDougall to amplify your message and its impact.

It’s summertime! You and your life science company made it through the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic, made adjustments and are now moving ahead under your “new normal.” You’ve done digital one-on-ones with investors, updated the Street on any disruptions to your clinical trial progress and tightened up your cash burn. Your stock may have recovered to post COVID-19 levels, and you are highly encouraged by the recent string of successful life science IPOs and follow-ons.

While summertime is typically a slower time on the IR Calendar, as with all things in 2020 – this “COVID Summer” is likely to look a bit different. Three thoughts from our team as we head into the Q2 earnings season in July and August:

  1. Pay attention to commentary from Q2 bellwether reports in our sector. Johnson & Johnson kicked off the Q2 earnings season today with mixed data, and investors will be taking stock of underlying healthcare demand and other key fundamentals for our sector over the next two weeks. Stay informed, and be prepared for potential inbound questions on any commentary that may directly or indirectly relate to the drivers in your company performance and outlook.
  2. When reporting your Q2, be candid about where you have visibility and where you do not. Out of necessity, many companies gave cautionary language around milestones and timelines, or pulled guidance altogether as COVID-19 hit. As you update your outlook for the rest of the year, it is very important as part of Q2 reporting, do be transparent and keep investors current as to where you have improved visibility and where uncertainty or challenges remain.
  3. Digital 1x1s open the calendar for summer outreach, but use investor time wisely. The current environment has increased the reception for “off-calendar” 1×1’s, and many companies want to take advantage of the more flexible format to engage with investors this summer. The deal calendar has been exceptionally busy in our sector however, and investors will prioritize accordingly. If you have important or timely updates, reach out. Otherwise we recommend waiting until you do have timely updates, or when availability opens up, likely heading into the fall.

Stay safe, and good luck! As always, please reach out to the MacDougall team if you would like to talk investor relations. Send me a note at