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Carl Cummings

Managing Partner

Carl Cummings is a Managing Partner at MacDougall and head of its creative & digital practice. A specialist in creative communications within the life sciences, Carl joined MacDougall in 2009 and immediately got to work bringing together a team of talented and versatile designers, developers and specialists. Under Carl’s leadership, MacDougall’s creative team has grown into a dynamic studio of creatives who excel at developing effective and beautiful solutions to challenging problems. His past experience includes creative direction and strategy for a wide array of biotech and pharma clients, and his collaboration with the National Cancer Institute – overseeing creative and brand efforts for initiatives ranging in focus from proteomics and nanotechnology to biomedical informatics and small-business innovation – remains a particular point of pride. Carl graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Art.

5 things you always wanted to know about Carl:

Sometimes I get caught at work checking…
either my puppy cam (look at that face!) or my fantasy sports teams (it takes considerable over-management to be this bad at fantasy sports).

A random thought that preoccupies my brain is…
contemplating the weight and considerations of nature vs. nurture. Do I let my young daughter naturally discover a love for (non-prequel) Star Wars, or do I nurture that love through incessant indoctrination from an early age? It’s the latter, right?

If you could have a deep and meaningful conversation with a celebrity, it’d be with…
Neil deGrasse Tyson, new ideas over old scotch.

My last meal…
would likely involve mac and cheese, fried chicken, and white wine.

Stream-of-consciousness top 5 favorite books:
1) American Gods, 2) LOTR, 3) Ready Player One, 4) The Dark Knight Returns, 5) The Martian. (Honorable mention: The Hike)