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Lisa Parks

Managing Partner & General Counsel

Lisa Parks is a Managing Partner and General Counsel at MacDougall. Lisa joined MacDougall in 2005 as an Office Manager while she was attending law school. In 2007 she graduated from Suffolk University Law School and went on to pursue a career as a litigator. During her time away from MacDougall, Lisa’s law practice included a wide variety of civil litigation, but she ultimately elected to focus on labor and employment law and particularly enjoyed representing labor unions in collective bargaining. Lisa returned to MacDougall in 2015 to apply her experience in employment and business law to leading the operations department. Lisa is a member of the Massachusetts and Florida bars.

5 things you always wanted to know about Lisa:

If I didn’t have to work on Tuesday I would…
grab my gear and go rock climbing… or settle in for a Grey’s Anatomy marathon on the couch. It’s a toss up.

Five albums I can’t live without:
I’ll trade your five albums for the complete Bruce Springsteen songbook. I could live very happily on that.

My first car was a…
a navy Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser station wagon with faux woodgrain side panels. Sexy.

I’ve read almost everything ever written by…
Alice Hoffman, Ernest Cline, Ree Drummond and J.K. Rowling.

My last meal…
would be at Gracie’s in Providence, hands down.