Priyanka Satyapanthi
Senior Account Executive

Priyanka Satyapanthi is a Senior Account Executive at MacDougall. A pharmacist by education, Priyanka joined MacDougall in 2021 and started working with the Investor Relations team to support client Investor Relations and related practices. Prior to joining MacDougall, Priyanka worked as a Biotech Equity Research Analyst for 2 years with an LP fund start up in Silicon Valley, California. She also has more than 5 years of academic experience teaching various courses related to Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practices in India. Priyanka believes learning is a lifelong process and strives to incorporate her experience and knowledge of healthcare in her current role in the best possible manner. Priyanka graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and Master’s degree in Pharmacology from Gujarat University, India and completed her certification in “Clinical Trials Design and Management” from University of California, Santa Cruz – Silicon Valley Extension. Apart from work, Priyanka is an avid reader and loves to read various genres spanning fiction and non-fiction and write poetry and contemplations.

5 things you always wanted to know about Priyanka:

I tend to anthropomorphize my…
plants, my conversations are just a tiny fraction of gratitude in return for some of the most precious life lessons (and Oxygen) I receive from them.

When I head out on the highway, I’m usually looking for….
stars in the sky and distant lights in the mountains or valleys, always mesmerized by the never-ending fabric of cosmos created by nature and humankind.

What the world needs now is…
a better understanding and practice of interconnectedness and less judgment. Let’s all just love each other as we pass by this mortal realm.

I’ve read almost everything ever written by…
R. L. Stine, Dan Brown, Ryan Holiday, Robert Greene, Paolo Coelho, AND J.K. ROWLING. The list is never ending.

Back in the day I was…
a nerd, lost in a parallel universe with books, daydreaming in my own little world.